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The most philanthropic companies in Chicago

Chicago has developed a thriving philanthropic scene over the years. The city has seen charitable efforts arise through the efforts of major corporations and small nonprofit organizations alike. The city’s list of philanthropic companies is extensive, but here are five of the list’s most prominent names.   Northern Trust Corp. Northern Trust Corp., a Chicago-based […]

@Properties gives $150 K to Keith Relief Charity

Last year, @gives back successfully raised $150,000 for our 2016 beneficiary, Keith Relief. Founded by Chicago Blackhawks star defenseman Duncan Keith, the local non-profit organization helps alleviate the financial burdens of those suffering from medical crises.

Charity Spotlight: Keith Relief

I am an advocate of giving back locally to bolster the community where you live and help those who share that community with you. The city of Chicago has seen an increase in philanthropy recently, and it has helped to improve the community in a number of ways. One of the people making a daily […]

Chicago Bulls to Match Chance the Rapper’s $1 Million Donation to Chicago Public Schools

Chance the rapper is one of the most popular artists in hip hop right now, and he has recently been making headlines for more than his music. The 23-year-old West Chatham native announced in March that he would be donating $1 million to the Chicago Public Schools following a “frustrating” meeting with Illinois Governor Bruce […]

Valdir Barion - Volunteering

The Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering has been something that has always been near and dear to my heart. I get great satisfaction out of benefiting the lives of those who are less fortunate than I am. It also helps me inspire young people throughout Chicago to chase their dreams and to understand that hard work and dedication are two […]


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